About Joe

Originally from Canada, Joe relocated to the US in 2000 to access opportunities in technology. After working for a brief time in New York ad-tech, Joe moved to California to join the computer security industry in 2001. In 2015, Joe pivoted to join the burgeoning community growing around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Since then Joe has launched Looking Glass VR on several mobile VR platforms and co-founded SpatialFirst, Inc., a mobile AR marketing platform for commercial real estate.

Joe can be reached by email at hello

San Francisco, CA


Joe can be found elsewhere on the internet at:

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    Joe is an active participant in the San Francisco Virtual Reality community, as a former member of the Upload Collective and regularly attendee of various Meetup groups, including San Francisco Virtual Reality.

    Recent Activities

    Film & Photography

    Joe is a longtime hobbyist photographer. His photos can be found on Flickr and Instagram.

    In 2010 Joe began performing volunteer videography for Nerd Nite San Francisco and now continues to direct the AV team's monthly shoot and subsequent edit, which is often posted on the Nerdnite SF Vimeo page.

    In 2012 Joe joined the Scary Cow Film Co-op, a volunteer film production community, performing a wide variety of production and post-production tasks, including producing two award winning short films. Joe's IMDB profile can be found here.

    Software Development Experience

    SpatialFirst, Inc. San Francisco, CA

    CTO & Co-founder (Aug 2017 – Present)

    • Product Specification and Prototyping in Unity 3D
    • Platform Prototyping using AWS (S3, Lambda, API Gateway)
    • Integration with RESTful APIs of our service providers. (WRLD3D)
    • Recruiting and team management

    Looking Glass VR San Francisco, CA

    Producer/Creator (Jul 2016 – Aug 2017)

    • Conceived, designed, and executed a stereoscopic photo viewer for Mobile VR.
    • Performed lead code, VR UX, asset management, and art design
    • Recruiting and team management

    River Studios San Francisco, CA

    VR Software Developer (September 2015 – Jun 2016)

    • Created video pipeline tools for optimized 360 degree video content
    • Integrated Amazon Web Services for 360 degree video distribution
    • Researched and implemented non-equirectangular 360 degree video projections

    Cryptography Research, Inc. (Acquired By Rambus) San Francisco, CA

    Principal Staff Engineer (October 2009 – July 2014)

    • Technical lead on customer and partner engagements for large scale secure data generation and delivery
    • Specified and developed enterprise and custom-built components for management of the FPGA cluster
    • Ported command-line ASIC tools from a R&D proof-of-concept to the large scale production cluster using distributed job control systems

    nCircle Network Security (Acquired By Tripwire) San Francisco, CA

    Senior Software Engineer (August 2001 – September 2009)

    • Responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of many products and features, including the IDS, IPS event correlator, and risk metric analyzer
    • Founding member of architecture review team responsible for approving all software product designs
    • Named as lead inventor on topological risk analysis patent
    • Participated in authoring product development standards and practices

    Primary Knowledge, Inc. (Acquired by DoubleClick) New York, New York

    Team Lead (December 2000 – June 2001)

    Software Engineer (May 2000 – December 2000)

    • Designed, specified, and implemented high-throughput C++ STL applications
    • Designed, customized and maintained the distributed job control system and the process monitoring subsystem

    Process Solutions Canada Limited (Edmonton, Alberta)

    Control Systems Analyst (August 1997 – April 2000)

    • Responsible for feature delivery and maintenance of the UNISON real-time distributed control system, including appliance monitoring, device drivers, networking and IPC, real-time fault-tolerant database
    • Requirement specification, application design, implementation and testing for new applications and customer customizations

    Skills & Attributes


    • 15+ years development experience with various distributed systems, including real-time control systems, batch job clusters, and peer-to-peer network models
    • 15+ years database development and management experience, including a proprietary real-time database, Oracle, PostgresQL, MySQL, and Amazon DynamoDB
    • 15+ years appliance development experience, including QNX, FreeBSD, Linux, and virtualization platforms such as AWS and VMware


    • Proficient in systems and object oriented programming using C/C++, Golang, and Python
    • Experienced creating back-end and middleware using REST services
    • Able to prototype rudimentary front-ends using HTML, Javascript, AJAX, CSS, and web-service APIs
    • Knowledgeable regarding cryptography: asymmetric, symmetric, and hybrid cryptosystems, PKI, as well as steganographic information hiding techniques
    • Authored open source restricted shell variant scponly (Active maintainer 2001-2011)


    • Administrative and development expertise with UNIX based operating systems: Linux, BSD variants, and others
    • Very proficient with shell scripting, Python, etc
    • Knowledgeable designing and deploying secure, efficient data storage and delivery solutions


    • Experience authoring hiring plans, interview guidelines, and job descriptions for team growth
    • Demonstrates team leadership in the form of technical mentoring, design, operational ownership, and project management on long-term projects
    • Operates effectively in rapid prototyping scenarios as well as highly structured enterprise software projects
    • Excellent documentation, revision control, and bug tracking practices using development tools (Atlassian tools, Perforce, Git, etc)


    • B.Sc. (Computer Science), University of Saskatchewan, May 1997